Dwarsverband was founded in September 2009 by Remco Hoogma:

  • May 15, 1968, Doetinchem
  • Graduated at University of Nijmegen in Chemistry in 1992
  • Researcher at the University of Twente, Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology. Specialization in environmental technology and innovation.
  • Studies for the Dutch government, European Commission, SEP (former organization of electricity producers), and scientific publications. Experience in interdisciplinary and international research projects. Ph.D. thesis on electric vehicles innovations (May 2000).
  • Then Novem, later SenterNovem, the Netherlands agency for energy and innovation. Advisor for various government programs. Specialist for propulsion and alternative fuels. Participant and co-ordinator of European research projects.
  • Early 2005 until September 2009 Secretary to the Energy Transition Platform on Sustainable Mobility. Involved in drafting the Transition Action Plan (2006), Energy Innovation Agenda (2008), Plan for Electric Driving (2009); author on behalf of the Platform of advices about greening of fuels through taxation, advanced biofuels promotion, market development of CNG and biogas.
  • Started his own research and consulting firm Dwarsverband in September 2009.
  • Substantive expertise, skilled communicator, experienced organizer, acting pragmatically.